Who we are?

Red Ebersalud is a young institution formed by healthcare professionals from all over Spain.whose final objective is training and care specialized in health.


Our main activities are:


  1. We write scientific articles in medical journals and/or web pages. We also help companies, mainly from agrifood sector, with their marketing activities in healthcare area.

  2. Courses designed and organized by/for professionals, patients and companies.

  3. Our network design, produce and sell multimedia products specialized in health, adapted to our customers needs. Some examples are healthcare software, teaching material DVD's.

  4. We can organize your healthcare training with courses or workshops, through our more than 40 health specialist from all over Spain.

  5. We organize awareness events about different diseases focused on professional and general customers., concurring with dates like the World Diabetes Day; with tradefairs (Health and body care fairs); or with Congress and Workdays.

  6. Research projects and clinical history audit issues in digital and paper format.about public and private health services.