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Nurse Test

Want to have almost every important health test in the world on your mobile or tablet, and save the results in a clinical record for each patient?


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With this app we offer all health care professions (Nurses, Doctors…) homogeneous assessment tools as questionnaires, tests and validated indexes, in order to facilitate the assessment of health needs and problems of the people we attend and take care of in our daily clinical practice.

Nurse test determines the results of each questionnaire indicating what each figure is equivalent to, saves an individual record data for each patient, which can then be printed later for a Medical Report. You only have to pass the questionnaire; the App will automatically handle everything.

With the interpretation of the questionnaires the knowledge about those patients will be improved. Interpretations won’t be valid if the instructions for each questionnaire are not followed. And, of course, all results should be interpreted by qualified health professionals.

This application is meant to be useful. That is the reason why not all the possible questionnaires are present, but a selection has been made based on criteria of validity, reliability and awareness. These questionnaires are used by professionals in different levels of care (primary care, hospital care, geriatric care, mental health), facilitating continuity of care between levels.

Applying questionnaires, tests or validated, reliable and aware indexes, provides a greater scientific rigor in professional practice, improving care for people who entrust us their care.


- Newborn Health Test.APGAR
- Nicotine dependence. Fagerstrom Test
- Richmond’s Test. Motivation to quit smoking.
- Detecting alcoholism. Cage Camufaldo.

- Detecting alcoholism. Malt-0

- Risk scale of Pressure Sores. Norton
- Anorexia bulimia. Scoff
- Know your nutritional health
- Risk scale of Pressure Sores. Braden
- Risk scale of Pressure Sores. Emina
- Rating vascular ulcers. Wagner
- Nutritional status evaluation scales.MNA
- Questionnaire of fall risk in hospitals. Morse
- Dyspnoea scale. Modified MRC
- Functional classification of the New York Heart Association (NYHA) for congestive heart failure
- Multiple falls risk scale.
- Activity Scale. Karnofsky
- Screening for dementia. Informant Test
- Glasgow Coma Scale
- Post-anaesthesia recovery test. Aldrete
- Level of Sedation Scale. Ramsay
- Cognitive deterioration screening. Pfeiffer
- Post-anaesthetic recovery Test in ambulatory surgery. Revised Aldrete
- Neonatal Pain Scale
- Geriatric Depression Scale. Yesavage V15 Test
- Geriatric Depression Scale. Yesavage V5 Test
- Screening test for eating disorders. Scoff
- Rating Scale body dissatisfaction in adolescents. EEICA
- Plutchik suicide risk scale.
- Hamilton Anxiety Scale
- Perception of family function. Family Apgar questionnaire
- Duke-unc Questionnaire
- Social risk. Sociofamiliar rating scale
- Overload questionnaire for caregivers. Zarit
- Caregiver’s effort index
- International index of erectile function
- Beck Hopelessness Scale
- Young Mania Rating Scale
- Autonomy for Activities of Daily Living. Barthel amended by Granger et Alt
- Oviedo’s questionnaire about sleep
- Urinary incontinence questionnaire ICIQ-SF
- Health fragility test. Barber’s Test



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Diabetes Pharma


It is a query tool for physicians and other health adequately treating each diabetic patient on hyperglycemia. How often there are more drugs and which one is right?
The App drugs recommended depending on what the doctor choose regarding: Efficiency, Hypoglycemia Risk, Weight, Side effects and Costs.


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Diabetes Pharma is based on and closely follows the parameters set by the last Consensus (2012) and decision algorithm for management of patients with type 2 diabetes from the ADA (American Diabetes Association) and the EASD (European Association for the Study of Diabetes .) Diabetes Pharma is the Consensus become App.

The App follows the sequence depending on the patient has HbA1c: always begins with monotherapy, it continues with combination therapy, then Tritherapy and finally multiple doses of insulin.

●on Diabetes Pharma we indicate on each group of drugs which is its physiological effect, advantages, disadvantages and different active ingredients.

●From each active substance you have access to the different trademarks that exist and the data sheet of the Official Agency of Medicines.

●It also has lots of information, such as glycemic targets, key points when treating a patient, etc..

●It also indicates how to start insulin therapy, doses estimating depending on weight.

●It takes account of contraindications to metformin.

●It takes into account the incompatibilities between drugs.

●It stores the different groups of drugs that the doctor is choosing in multiple therapies.

●From the app you can access to Facebook, Twitter and email sharing with peers.

●Diabetes Pharma is interactive, dynamic and easy to use.

●Diabetes Pharma is developed for iOs and Android devices.


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Diabetes Hypoglycemia

Want to know what you have to do before a Hypoglycemia?

Hypoglycemia is the most common acute complication of diabetes. Hypoglycemia can occur in anyone with diabetes, regardless of age, the time or the place where you are.Mild hypoglycaemia is not alarming, but if not treated quickly could reach seriously complicated. Appropriately resolve this problem needs to be able to recognize hypoglycemia and appropriate actions.


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With Hypoglycemia Diabetes, developed by a team of health professionals Ebersalud Network will be able to resolve adequately hypoglycaemia, guiding you step by step to solve the problem.Diabetes Hypoglycemia is also very useful if you are a relative or friend of someone with diabetes, because sometimes require help to resolve the hypoglycemia.It is also useful for teachers and caregivers of children with diabetes, because if they can fend for himself, Diabetes Hypoglycemia you have the steps to solve the suitably hypoglycemia. Healthcare professionals also can use this application to the resolution of hypoglycemia thereby avoiding any doubts this emergency treatment.


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Diabetes Risk

Do you want to know the risk of having Diabetes in the future?

DiabetesRisk calculates the risk of having Type 2 Diabetes in the next 10 years by the FINDRISK test or scale.

According to the score obtained in this questionnaire, it’s possible to determine the risk’s degree and the actions you have to adopt to prevent Type 2 Diabetes.


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Answering to a small test, you may know the % of risk of developing one of the epidemics of the XXI century – Diabetes – and knowing this risk you can correct the risk factors to decrease the chance of getting diabetes.

DiabetesRisk also advises how to low each risk factor depending on the score obtained.

It’s simple and interactive.

You can access to Facebook, Twitter and e-mail through the application, to make commentaries about your risk and recommend the app.

This application is intended to all the publics and is made as a public health measure.

Perform the test to all your family, friend, etc. and advise others to do the same.

If you have a high risk you should comment it with your doctor or nurse.



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CardioVascular Risk Calculation

All tables for calculating cardiovascular risk in your iPhone.

Get the results of the most prestigious studios comfortably typing the necessary data for each study.

Calculations available:

- Framingham
-European Society of Cardiology
-European Society of Hypertension

Includes all previous concepts for understanding and prevention activities to prevent heart disease.




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DM2 fácil (Spanish only)

¿Quieres tener toda la información de forma sencilla sobre la Diabetes tipo 2 en tu dispositivo móvil?

La medicina es una disciplina en constante cambio. La diabetes es un claro ejemplo de ello. Cada año se publican, además de miles de originales, diferentes recomendaciones de evaluación, tratamiento y seguimiento por parte de varias sociedades científicas lo que hace complicado, incluso para los especialistas en la materia, mantenerse totalmente al día.
Con el apoyo de FAES Farma os presentamos una guía sencilla y práctica donde podrás encontrar fácilmente las recomendaciones más aceptadas y actualizadas en cuanto al cribado, diagnóstico, clasificación, tratamiento y seguimiento de la diabetes.

Más información

Tendrás contenido sobre:

1. Diabetes y Prediabetes
2. Objetivos y Seguimiento
3. Exploraciones Complementarias
4. Dieta y Ejercicio
5. Tratamiento
6. Complicaciones y Comorbilidades
7. Enfermedades Intercurrentes
8. Vademecum de todos los Antidiabéticos disponibles
9. Algoritmos de tratamiento
10. Gráfico dinámico y didáctico progresión diabetes
11. ...

Esperamos que te sirva de ayuda.

Esteban Jódar Gimeno y Beatriz Pérez Arroyo (Servicio Endocrinología y Nutrición Clínica. Hospital Quirón Madrid; Facultad Medicina Universidad Europea de Madrid).

Txema Hernández i Anguera. (Médico Atención Primaria, Master en Diabetes, CAP Falset, ICS SAP Reus-Altebrat



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Do you want to know your friends’ height, their BMI and share it on social networks taking only two photos?

Do you want to know the height of any person, object, building or animal?

Or do you want to know the distance between two points?


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People: With a picture you can know somebody’s height at the moment and share it on Facebook, Twitter…
You can also calculate the Body-Mass-Index of your friends indicating them their BMI: underweight, normal weight, overweight…

Object or building: With only one picture you will know the height of different objects. Being on holidays, for example, you will know the height of the buildings you’d visit and you could share it on the Social Networks.

Animal: Taking a picture of your pet, you might know its height and share it with your friends, comparing your pets on Social Networks.





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